Seafood from Devon

Brixham, Devon

Brixham fish market provides us with a host of local day boat fish each day. Our buyer on the market, buys from Brixham market early each day to ensure the best of the day boat landings available. With over 40 species of fish landing into Brixham, our fisherman bring in coastal native species like lemon sole, john dory, gurnard, red mullet, plaice, brill, turbot, whiting, megrim sole, dover sole, monkfish, mackerel, herring, sardines, hake and many more. This is in addition to a wide range of hand dived and day boat shellfish such as, scallops, crabs and lobsters.

Billingsgate seafood market, London

Billingsgate is just around the corner, and offers us a great selection of fresh fish and seafood to top up our orders each day, ensuring any fish that hasn’t landed into Brixham that day, will still be available for your menu.

Peterhead, Scotland

Peterhead harbour’s 400-year history is synonymous with landings of the UK’s premier white fish. Situated in the North of Scotland, Peterhead provides us with the North Sea and Atlantic’s best of cod, monkfish and hake.