Fresh fish and seafood

Local sourcing means fresher fish. Our links to Brixham fish quay where we buy each day, ensures you receive the freshest fish daily.

We have links to every major UK port, and with local day boat fishermen. We are first hand importers of fish and seafood from around the world, ensuring we have our hands on the best quality, freshest fish.

We continue to search for interesting and innovative fish and seafood products that will create a splash on your menu!

Download a copy of our fish and seafood guide to see the range of fresh fish and shellfish, preparation options available, catch methods and yields.

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Frozen fish and seafood

We offer a comprehensive range of frozen fish and seafood. We are direct importers of all major species such as squid and prawns. All the products we import are packaged under our ‘Passion for Fish’ branding.

View our range of frozen fish and seafood:

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We have a great range of breaded and battered products such as fish goujons, calamari, and work with our customers on new product development to create value-added products.

View the products in our coated range:

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Smoked and marinated fish and seafood

We have a great selection of chilled and deli seafood products including hot and cold smoked & cured cod, coley, haddock, kippers, mackerel, mussels, prawn, salmon, gravadlax, sprats, swordfish, trout and tuna. Marinated anchovies, cockles, crayfish, herring, mussels, prawn, sardine, seafood salad and tuna. Shellfish such as crab, a range of roes and caviars, seaweed and sea vegetables.

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