We can now take payments via our app!

Please ensure you have the latest version of the Daily Fish Supplies app installed (version 7.3.4).

To check you app version please follow the following steps:

01. When in the Daily Fish Supplies app, on the bottom left of the home screen you will see three grey horizontal lines (to the left of the search icon).

02. Tap on these lines to reveal a list of options. One of those options is ‘settings’.

03. In ‘settings’ scroll down to ‘app version’ and this highlights the version you have installed.

Updating on iPhone :

Go to App Store and tap on your profile (top right of screen), then scroll to ‘upcoming automatic updates’ section, the Daily Fish Supplies app will be listed if the update is required.

Updating on Android :

Go to Google Play Store and search for Daily Fish Supplies and this will highlight the app, then tap on ‘update’ to ensure you have the latest version.